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Important Notice

16.11.2013 Study in Canada For Admission in Undergrade/ Degree program, prepare yourself with the following requirements:

1) IELTS 6 (minimum 5.5 in all bands)

2) Savings or FDR in the Bank

3) No CGPA less than 3.00 in both SSC or HSC or euivalant.

NB. processing without IELTS is posible upon condition.

20.08.2013 Study in Malaysia For our very young students Malaysia is the best option to have their first foreign Education. In this regard we have contact almost every popular Educational institution in Malaysia.

Diploma is a 2-3 years course for Weak and Economical students. Bsc (Degree) is a 4 years course for Qualified and Standard students.

Advantages in VISA application

1) No IELTS required

2) No VISA interview

3) No Bank Statement

4) Fastest Processing

10.06.2013 Study in UK
In United Kingdom (UK) the admission procedure has become hard after 2010. Since then only highly trusted institute may offer admission to foreign students. That's why for admission in Undergrade/ Degree program, prepare yourself with the following requirements in current situation:

1) IELTS 5.5 (minimum 5 in all bands)

2) Savings or FDR in the Bank

3) No CGPA less than 3.00 in both SSC or HSC or euivalant.

NB. processing without IELTS is posible upon condition.

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Ever since the first commander sent a scout up a tree to get a better view of enemy troops, the concept of aerial reconnaissance has been embedded in the psyche of military forces. The higher you can get, the further you can see: so intelligence-gathering from the air is a vital task for air forces worldwide.

Aerial reconnaissance came of age during the Cold War. The U-2, designed in the 1950s by  Clarence "Kelly" Johnson at Lockheed Martin, was a deliberately simple aircraft with one winning feature: it would fly higher than the missiles trying to shoot it down. The concept worked until 1960, when a U-2 flown by Francis Gary Powers was downed by a newer and more capable Soviet missile.

Johnson's next design, the A-12, added incredible speed into the bargain. The A-12 morphed into the SR-71, which flew at three times the speed of sound, and was virtually uninterceptable.

The days of these Cold War spies will soon be over. The SR-71 was cancelled in the late 1990s, while the U-2 will soon be retired. However, the need for aerial eyes is keener than ever. What other aircraft currently carry out these missions, and what can we expect to equip the surveillance squadrons of tomorrow?

Street Artist

This is a street painting made by Eduardo Relero next to his work entitled, 'Palabras' at the Festival 'Malpais' in Lanzarote, Spain

University of Greenwich, London, UK

Nick Wilde, the Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communications and BA (Hons) Marketing degrees at the University of Greenwich said: "We are delighted to be working with Angela Middleton of MiddletonMurray on our Personal and Professional Development courses.

"A key aim of these courses is to make our students more employable and Angela will give two lectures on how to make candidates stand out when they apply for jobs and how to perform better at interviews."

Launched in 2002, MiddletonMurray has now grown into a group of companies employing 60 permanent staff, many temporary staff, freelance trainers and suppliers and has become the largest provider of 16-18 year old apprentices in London. The business has also facilitated thousands of people to move into their dream job, whether a first job or a move up the career ladder.

Angela Middleton said: "I am delighted to have been asked by Nick Wilde to participate in this important programme at the University of Greenwich and to help deliver the 'employability' part of the course.

"At MiddletonMurray we are specialists at helping people to prepare for interviews and to get the right jobs for them and I’m very much looking forward to working with Nick and the students on such a prestigious course."


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